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Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique is a new unisex fragrance for 2014 that has a woody floral scent. The name of the perfume Fleur Narcotique is translated as "Narcotic Flower". Perfume really has some kind of magical property, it seems to attract, beckon, intoxicate. The perfume pyramid of Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotic is built from top notes of refreshing bergamot, lychee and velvety peach, intertwined with heart notes of dizzying jasmine, fragrant peony and orange blossom. The pyramid ends with woody tones, harmoniously complemented by notes of bitter oak moss and seductive musk. The LUZI factory is the most famous European manufacturer of perfume compositions. The Luzi factory produces perfumes in Switzerland. During the ninety-year history of the Luzi company, its customers have become: Lancome, Dior, Gucci, Versace and others. The durability of LUZI perfume is up to 3 days, depending on the fragrance pyramid. A beautifully revealing train and recognizable notes of your favorite perfumes. Luzi is a Swiss company that has specialized in the development of unique fragrances since 1926.
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Lancome La Vie Est Belle ("Lancome. Life is beautiful"). This exquisite women's perfume has become a long-awaited novelty in 2012 from the fashion house Lancome. The new floral-fruity fragrance is presented in a transparent glass bottle with a thick high bottom. The top of the bottle is crowned with a transparent small cap, a gas ribbon is tied around the neck. Lanvin introduced another novelty in 2012, the floral-fruity composition Lanvin Eclat Darpege Gourmandise. The fragrance composition of Lancome La Vie Est Belle opens with top notes of blackcurrant and juicy pear, intertwined with heart notes of orange blossom, iris and jasmine. The composition ends with a wonderful duet of fragrant vanilla and tonka beans.